Neil Tennant is in da house! (2)

Pet Shop Boys-flash:

Klockan 16.30 (och 20.30 för den delen) visas en halvtimmes intervju med Neil Tennant i BBC World-programmet ”Hardtalk extra”. Perfekt för en nyhetsslö fredagseftermiddag!

Eller vad säger jag – det är så klart perfekt för vilken fredagseftermiddag som helst.

Så här skriver BBC om programmet:

The Pet Shop Boys have been churning out the hits for almost 25 years. They have influenced bands such as the Killers and the Scissor Sisters and even Madonna. And now they are about to embark on another world tour. Gavin Esler talks to one half of the group, Neil Tennant, about the enduring nature of the Pet Shop Boys, where they fit into 21st Century music and their quintessentially English sound.

Tune in!